15th August 2019 – Raksha Bandhan



!st October 2019 – Dress Materials distribution



 29th December, 2019 – Food for life





Distribution of Mask, Sanitizer and food packets during Corona Virus Pandamic




Orphan House – Dress distribution




 Ration for Narayan Ghosh







December 13,2020 Programme

Enlistment Of Beneficiaries

Nabadwip Hridyota Secretary briefing the Public

Branch Manager (Indian Overseas Bank, Mayapur Branch) Handing Over Saree

Team Hridyota 

Parulia Gram Panchyat Upa Pradhan Handing over Saree

December 27, 2020 Programme

Blanket given to a poor and old man

Food for the kids

kids happy with their gifts (woolen garments)

Enlistment of names

Food for the kids

Upa Pradhan distributing woolen garments

Distribution of woolen rag for the distressed



18th January, 2021 - Programme for distribution of MP & HS exam fees

Deputy Super of Nabadwip General Hospital handing over exam fees

Dr. S. Ghosh is being facitlitied


Secretary handing over the exam fees

Dignitaries handing over the exam fees to students

Chief Administrator of Nabadwip Municipality addressing the audiance

A view of deserving students

Labour Commissioner, Nadia Dist. lightning the lamp

Inauguration song by Nabadwip Hridyota members

A view of audiance

Beneficiaries ( students of various schools)

January 29, 2021 Programme

Amal Karmakar residing in his only room

Amal Karmakar  with his monthly ration

February 6, 2021 Programme


Amal Karmakar with steel crutch

March 27, 2021 Programme

Basanta Utsav (HOLI)

Students performing

Kids performing

Educational aid distribution

Amal Karmakar being provided monthly ration by Kalyan Sundaram, IAS

Educational aid distribution

Education aid to students

Lunch for beneficiaries

Dance programme

A group of NABADWIP HRIDYOTA team members

Inauguration of Non Formal School (April 4, 2021)

A view of students

Students in the classroom

Students in the classroom

Nabdwip Hridyota member taking class


Reporting on a daily newspaper AnandaBazar Patrika


July 1, 2021 Programme ( Aid to Sadhubaba)

Sadhubaba's home

Dry food & fruits

Essential daily items

Dhuti & Gamcha


July 3, 2021, Health Camp Programme

A view of patients attending Health Camp

Doctor checking patient

Doctor checking patient

Doctor checking patient



Free lunch for patients


July 19, 2021 Programee (Monthly ration to Parna & Sujan Debnath)

July 25, 2021 Programme - Ration to Gauranga Roy

Independence Day Celebration at Prachin Mayapur, Nabadwip

AGOMANI Programme on October 9, 2021

A view of the Programme area

Beneficiaries standing for registration

Ready to serve

Local MLA, Chief Guest being facilitated

Address the audience by Local MLA

Dr. Satyam Ghosh is being briefed by Prabir kumar Roy, Secretary

A beneficiary is receiving material from local MLA

A boy receiving pant/shirt set along with their mother


Dr.Shreshashree Swine, Scientist is being facilitated by Amitava Chakravarty, Treasurer

Nabadwip Hridyota members are busy in distribution

A lady receiving sweet packet

A kid is exited to get his dress ,standing with his mother

Registration of beneficiaries is in progress


Winter cloth distribution Programme on December 20, 2021 at Purulia, West Bengal

Stage set for the programmne

Beneficiaries in front of the stage

A glimpse of beneficiaries


A handicapped person receiving aid

A beneficiary receiving winter garment


Secretary of Nabadwip Hridyota addressing the beneficiaries

Beneficiaries being provided with free lunch

Kids are enjoying their food

Tribal dance of Purulia

Beneficiaries waiting in the ground maintaining social distance

Programme ready to commence

Dignitaries being welcomed by Nabadwip Hridyota members

Programme on January 23, 2022


Temporary structure for living of the beneficiaries


Busy in making products


Aid given to them by NABADWIP HRIDYOTA

Secretary of NABADWIP HRIDYOTA handing over aid to beneficiary


Distribution of aid in progress

Programme on January 28, 2022

Brindavan with his mother, brother and laminated photos

House of Brindavan

Bridavan's family with the aid

Facebook posting image

Non -formal school " SAHAJ PATH"

Students & Teachers



A view of classroom

Busy in studies

Senior students busy in studies

Eye Camp on March 6, 2022

Venue - Milan Tithi, Nandipara, Nabadwip

Secretary of Nabadwip Hridyota addressing

Students of Aravindo Bratachari Sangha

Pravu Balaram Das distributing educational materials

Wife of Pravu Balaram Das distributing study materials

Dr. Biplab Pal distributing study materials

President of Nabadwip Hridyota distributing study materials

President of Nabadwip Hridyota is being facilitated by Nabadwip Hridyota member

Pravu Balaram Das addressing the audience

Study Materials

Patients for Eye Camp

Programme on June 4, 2022 at Nabadwip Dham Railway Station

The Beneficiaries

Dinner in progress

Programme on June 6, 2022

Naryan Ghosh and his wife


Programme on June 19, 2022 at Prithibi Arsinagar Pathsala

Students at the Pathsala and Nabadwip Hridyota team

Students with their lunch packets

A section of students

Lunch packets are being distributed

A curious kid

Lunch packets in their hands

Programme on June 25, 2022, ingurgitation of Computer classes

Students with teacher

Local Councilor is addressing to students and others

Programme of June 28, 2022, Aid to hawkers at Nabadwip Dham Railway Station

Income Generation Programme Phase - 1


T-Shirt provided to beneficiaries

Smile on their faces

Nabadwip Hridyota member is handing over aid to beneficiaries

All ready for the programme

Programme of July 17, 2022, Aid to hawkers at Nabadwip Dham Railway Station

Income Generation Programme Phase - 2


Aid to beneficiaries

One of our Donor handing over material

Nabadwip Hridyota member handing over aid

Aid to beneficiary

Nabadwip Hridyota Secretary handing over material


At the end of the Programme

Programme of July 20, 2022, Monthly ration to Bimal Debnath

Hose of Bimal Debnath

Bimal Debnath"s mother

Monthly ration

Bimal Debnath

Report of Bimal Debnath

Doctor's prescription

Programme on July 31, 2022 at Lions Club of Nabadwip premises

Members of Lions Club of Nabadwip and Nabadwip Hridyota

Students are enjoying lunch

A view of Dining Hall

Joy and happiness in their faces

Guardians are also having lunch with their kids

Having fun while eating

" SAHAJPATH"  A Non formal school run by NABADWIP HRIDYOTA

Students activities in progress

Drawing class

Busy in drawing

A student concentrating on drawing

Students busy in drawing

Beautiful sketch

Dance classes - Senior Group

Dance classes - Junior Group

Computer classes

Agomani Programme ( Distribution of Food and Cloth) for the distressed on September 29, 2022


Beneficiaries standing in a queue

Sri. Pundarkakshi Saha, MLA distributing food packets to beneficiaries


Beneficiaries receiving biscuits from Smt. Bhadra Ma

Beneficiary receiving Sowa binpacket from Subadhra Mataji

Interaction of Guests with the Sri. Prabir Kumar Roy,Secretary

MLA is being facilitated

Guests are being facilitated

A devotee from ISCKON is being facilitated


A Donor is being facilitated


Registration process is in progress


Programme on October 23, 2022 at Birnagar, Dist.Nadia, West Bengal



Distribution of winter garments and snacks packets

Secretary briefing the community about the programme

The kids with their guardians

Happy faces

Secretary handing over to beneficiaries

Financial help for cancer patient Jagannath Ghosh

Jagannath Ghosh

Medical Report

Medical Report

Medical Report

Financial support

Programme on November 6, 2022 at Sri Sri Ganesh Janani Mata Club premises

Nabadwip Hridyota team

Registration of beneficiaries in progress



Nabadwip Hridyota team member handing over blanket

Nabadwip Hridyota Governing Body Member handing over blanket

Beneficiaries in a queue

Programme on November 13, 2022 at Nabadwip Railway Station premises

Registration in progress

Prabir Kumar Roy, Secretary briefing the beneficiaries


Amitava Chakravarty, Treasurer handing over materials to beneficiaries


Prabir Kumar Roy, Secretary handing over materials

T-Shirts provided to beneficiaries




Materials given to the beneficiaries

Monthly Ration to Sunil Debnath

Monthly Ration for Bipul Biswas

Bipul Biswas

Monthly Ration

Programme on December 17, 2022 at Barnali Sangha Club, Nabadwip

Disbursement of Examination fees for Madyamik & HS students

Students and Guardians

Dignitaries on stage


Dr.Sribas Ghosh, Presdent Nabadwip Hridyotya handing over fees to a student

Samar Mallick, Member Nabadwip Hridyota handing over fees to a student

A Nabawip Hridyota Member handing over Tiffin cake to a student

Programme on December 20, 2022 - Medical aid to a widow

Widow Anila Bairagya receiving the medicines

Anil Bairagya checking the medicines



Programme on December 24, 2022

Distribution of Prasadam to poor and distressed near Nabadwip Railway station

Distribution of food to Beneficiaries

Nabadwip Hridyota serving food


Enjoying their food

Secretary and Treasurer of Nabadwip Hridyota busy in serving

A Member of Nabadwip Hridyota serving water

Greetings from students of "SAHAJPATH" a Non-formal school run by Nabadwip Hridyota to all Well Wishers and Donors on Happy New Year 2023

Entrance of School

Students in Dance class

Students in Dance class

Students in Recitation class

Students in Drawing class

Students in Drawing class

Two cute student of the school

Programme on January 8, 2023 at Radha Brick Field

Entrance of Radha Brick Field

Kids of Radha Brick Field enjoying their day

A member of Nabadwip Hridyota helping the kid in wearing

Members of Nabadwip Hridyota distributing winter garments

Labours of Radha Brick Field choosing old cloths

Tiffin cake is being distributed among kids of Radha Brick Field

Labours and their families of Radha Brick Field enjoying lunch

A kid is being feed by a member of Nabadwip Hridyota

A kid is being feed by a member of Nabadwip Hridyota

Kids enjoying their lunch

Happy faces

Programme on February 4, 2023 (Ration to Bipul Biswas & Sankar Das)

Ration to Bipul Biswas

 Sankar Das

Support to Sankar das

Programme on February 6, 2023 at Nabadwip Railway station area ( Birthday Celebration)

Suman Saha distributing food for the poor and distressed

A handicapped person is being fed by Nabadwip Hridyota member

Beneficiaries are enjoying dinner

Suman Saha is cutting cake on the occasion of his birthday

Mr and Mrs Saha who fed the poor and distressed people

Programme on February 12, 2023 (Birthday celebration of Sourav Debnath)

Sourav Debnath distributing drawing aids to students

Sourav Debnath distributing educational aids to students


Students getting cake, biscuit and lozenge

 Students of Drawing class (Junior section)

Students of Drawing class (Senior section)

Students of Dance class

Recitation class in progress

Group photo

Programme on March 5, 2023 at Prince Brickfield, Belerhat

Prince Brickfield

Kids of brickfield labours

Brickfield labours busy in work

Kids and parents standing in queue


Cake, Biscuit and lozenge for the kids

Nabadwip Hridyota member giving lozenge to a kid

Cake, biscuit, lozense is being distributed to the kids

Labours are enjoying their lunch

A view of beneficiaries having lunch


Nabadwip Hridyota members busy in distribution of lunch

Monthlty Ration for Champa Adhikary

Champa Adhikary with Monthly Ration

Son of Champa Adhikary

Monthly Ration

Programme on March 27, 2023 at Birnagar, Nadia


Venue - surrounded by mango trees

Kids standing in queue

Cake, Biscuit, Lozenge are being distributed

Secretary of Nabadwip Hridyota handing over cake,, biscuit and lozenge to a kid

A kid with his mother receiving material

Lunch for beneficiaries

Programme on April 2, 2023 at Porama Brickfield

Porama Brickfield

Kids wishing birthday of Shreenandita

Lozenge and biscuits are being distributed among kids

Kids are enjoying

Cooking in progress

Kids are having their lunch

Kids enjoying their lunch

Nabadwip Hridyota members are busy in serving

A kid with his mother

Programme on May 28, 2023 ( Medical Camp and Fourth Year Annual Event of NABADWIP HRIDYOTA)

Respected MLA is being facilitated

Dr. Sreebas Ghosh, President, Nabadwip Hridyota is being facilitated

IC of Nabadwip is being facilitated

Respected MLA is delivering speech

Dr. Satyam Ghosh is delivering speech

Dr. Satyam Ghosh is attending a patient at the Medical Camp

Patients are supplied with free medicines at the Medical Camp

Dr. Trivedi at the Medical Camp

Sri. Prabir Kumar Roy, Secretary, Nabadwip Hridyota delivering speech at the Annual Event

Sri. Suman Pathak, singer performing his programme at the Annual Event

Pratyusa Roy Dance group a member, Nabadwip Hridyota performing dance at the Annual Event

Smt. Subhra Chakraborty performing with Dotara instrument at the Annual Event

Sri. Amitava Chakaravrty, Treasurer, Nabadwip Hridyota as a story teller at the Annual Event

Palolik Band is performing at the Annual Event

A view of audience at the Annual Event

Sri. Prabir Kumar Roy is being facilitated by Nabadwip Hridyota members for his outstanding contribution


Programme on June 4, 2023 at NabadwipDham Railway station campus

Nabadwip Railway Station campus

Beneficiaries waiting for food

Nabadwip Hridyota members serving food

Busy in eating



They are happy and we too

Programme on July 31, 2023 at "SAHAJPATH" school

Entrance of the school


Birthday celebration with the kids


Birthday girl sharing cake with a kid

All are very happy

Birthday Girl Ayisarya Ghosh interacting with the students

Lunch for the students

Gift for Ayisarya Ghosh from Nabadwip Hridyota

Nabadwip Hridyota Team































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