NABADWIP - HRIDYOTA’s first work started off on 15th August, 2019 with distribution of fruits and sweets at Nabadwip Railway station, various temples of Nabadwip to the needy people. These people were also tied with Rakhi by the students celebrating Raksha Bandhan which fell on the same day. The beginning went off all with some well wishers appreciated the kind of work done by HRIDYOTA.

This gave inspiration to all members of NABADWIP -  HRIDYOTA and planned their next programme. Accordingly 2nd programme was on 1st October, 2019, distribution of readymade garments to needy students of Ramkishna Mission free primary school. Sixty students were provided readymade frock for girls and readymade pant & t-shirt for boys .This was followed by a cultural programme performed by HRIDYOTA members. The programme was held at Nabadwip Puratatta Parishad , Nabadwip. Eminent guest from District Administration, School Teachers, Maharajas from Ramkrishana Mission & ISKCON and general public were present .The programme was so successful that HRIDYOTA became popular in Nabadwip. This was a big boost to the HRIDYOTA team and decided that it would apply to Government of West Bengal for Registration under Societies Act as an NGO and at the same time continue its activities.

On 29th December, 2019 NABADWIP -  HRIDYOTA team arranged for a family picnic at Hazra brick field, Bablari few kms from Nabadwip town.The programme was named as “FOOD FOR LIFE”. It was a special type of get together where all members and their family participated with the laborers of the same brick field. Sixty labours including their family members participated in this programme.  It was an amazing experience on the part of HRIDYOTA team and all were satisfied to see smile in the faces of small kids and their parents. It was a day that at least one meal could be given to these people that HRIDYOTA will always remember.

 NABADWIP - HRIDYOTA also distributed 500 food packets to the needy in the month of APRIL 2020, during Corona Virus Pandemic in presence of Nabadwip Municipality Chairman and other dignitaries from West Bengal Government.  It was also engaged in distribution of Masks and sanitizer packets to the people building awareness to be safe during Corona Virus Pandemic situation.  This activity was highly appreciated by all people in the Society and a big smile was our gift from the beneficiaries. 

NABADWIP – HRIDYOTA provided ration to Narayan Ghosh a handicapped and needy person who resides  at Ganganagr, Nabadwip. We have planned to provide adequate ration on quarterly basis. We are in a process in indentifying more needy people who require ration.

NABADWIP- HRIDYOTA distributed readymade garments to twenty orphans and their five caretakers of Samajkalyan Orphan House, at Damodarpara, Purba Bardhaman district. This was a surprise for them as Pre Durga Puja Gift and was very happy. It also boosted the morality of our members

On 6th December, 2020 Forty five homeless and poor people were fed at Nabadwip Dham Railway Station area. Cooked food were supplied to them by NABADWIP HRIDYOTA Team.

A proposal was given to the Branch Manager, Indian Overseas Bank, Mayapur Branch, that NABADWIP HRIDYOATA wishes to distribute sarees to tribal women residing at Parulia, Purba Bardhaman District. Our proposal was accepted and Thirty Five sarees were donated by them for distribution. We distributed the same on 13th December, 2020 at KK School, Parulia in presence of Upa Pradhan of Parulia Gram Panchyat, Branch Manager, IOB, Mayapur Branch and NABADWIP HRIDYOTA team. A smile in the faces of these women was a return gift for us.

As 2020 an unprecedented year comes to a close and 2021 a New Year beckons all are hoping for the Best. At this year end on December 27, 2020 NABADWIP HRIDYOTA distributed woolen garments and blankets for the distressed and poor tribal families at Guptipara, a rural area in Hoogly District, West Bengal. 18 kids and 45 men & women were provided with blankets. All these people were given lunch. Smiles on these people's faces became an inspiration to NABADWIP HRIDYOTA members for the New Year engaging themselves for more social activity. Thanks and gratitude to the Donors and well-wishers for making this programme a grand success.

January 6, 2021, sixth day of the New year NABADWIP HRIDYOTA members decided to do some activity at the beginning of the year. Accordingly some members set out at 8 PM night  to distribute woolen blankets and strolls to the distressed and poor people at Nabadwip. Their houses were visited and was handed over the same to them. Their smile our happiness.

January 18, 2021, NABADWIP HRIDYOTA organised a prgramme for distribution of Madhyamik and Higher Secondary Examination fees for the needy students at Nabadwip Poratatatta Parishad Bhavan, Nabadwip, Nadia. Two Hundred students from various schools of Nabadwip, Mayapur, Swarupganj and Srirampur of Nadia & Purba Bardhaman districts were benefited. Programme started by enlighten of lamp followed by inauguration song by NABADWIP HRIDYOTA members. Labour commissioner of Nadia District Mr. Raksh Sau chaired as the Chief Guest for this programme. Deputy Super of Nabadwip State General Hospital, Chief Administrator of Nabadwip Municipality, Dr. Sribas Ghosh ,eminent Doctor of Nabadwip, Reporters of AnadaBazar Patrika, Ei Samay and Nabadwip Barta were other dignitaries present at the programme. The smiles on the faces of the beneficiaries made NABADWIP HRIDYOTA team happy and was inspired to do more social work for the needy and poor people of the Society. Our sincere thanks to al  the Donors who have supported us in making the programme a grand success.

January 29, 2021, NABADWIP HRIDYOTA members went to the house of Amal Karmakar residing at Prachin Mayapur, Nabadwip, Nadia along with ration for one month consisting of Rice, Dal,,Wheat, Potato, Onion, Mustard oil,Spices Biscuits, etc. Amal karmakar is young but unable to work as his left leg is damaged and all the five fingers were operated to save his full leg. The incident occurred as had nail piercing in his leg which he neglected and ultimately he lost his job and his wife left her with their only five old year daughter. It is now for two years Amal stays alone in a room doing all house work himself and goes out daily begging. Whatever he earns he cooks food to stay alive. He can not even stand straight or walk without any support. He was very pleased to get ration from NABADWIP HRIDYOTA and requested us to provide him a steel crutch for walking purpose. We promised him to give the same and also to provide ration for next two months. We are also trying to arrange for some of work for him at home for his livelihood.

February 6, 2021 NABADWIP HRIDYOTA members again visited residence of Amal Karmakar and handed over the steel crutch as promised by us. We are all very happy to see a big smile on his face .May God bless him.

March 27, 2021 NABADWIP HRIDYOTA members organised a Programme " BASANTA UTSAV (HOLI)" at Sakhi Ma Childrens Park, near Mahapravu's birthplace, Prachin Mayapur, Nabadwip, Nadia. Children from local community and NABADWIP HRIDYOTA members participated in a dance programme . A non formal school named "Sahaj Path" was opened on this day by NABADWIP HRIDYOTA for the benefit of the needy and poor students in the community. A local club named" Annaapura Barowari Committee" favoured us by offering three rooms of their club at free of cost to start the school. In addition to this a Madhyamik examinee was provided with reference text for her exams. Amal Karmakar was again provided monthly ration in this proframme. Mr. kalyan Sundaram Ex. D.M. & IAS was the Chief Guest for this programme. Local counselor was also present along with local community, enrolled students of the school and NABADWIP HRIDYOTA members . Lunch was provided to all at the end of the programme. Our sincere thanks and good wishes for all the participants and people who made this programme a grand suceess.

April 4, 2021, NABADWIP HRIDYOTA started a Non Formal Education school for the poor and distressed children at free of cost. The name of the school is "SAHAJ PATH" (the name of a famous book written by Kabiguru Rabindranath Tagore for the kids).Classes would be held on ever Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 12 pm. The students will also be taught extracurricular activities such as recitation, dance, singing and drawing. Members of NABADWIP HRIDYOTA will teach and guide the students voluntarily. on the inauguration day number of students attended the school are as mentioned : Class  X - 1, Class VIII - 4, Class - VII - 3, Class - VI - 3, Class v - 4, Class IV - 1, Class III - 3, ,Class II - 1, Class I - 2, CPre primary - 5, Total - 27 More guardians have shown their interest in sending their children to our school, which is a big inspiration for us.

Our success depends on your support and and well wishes. You can donate to our Google pay account or Bank account as given below:

Google pay - +91 73 844 73240 (Amitava Chakravarty), Bank - Nabadwip Hridyota, State Bank of India , Nabadwip Town Branch, Current A/c No - 39830436545, IFSC - SBIN0016646

India is severely struggling from second wave of Covid- 19 pandemic. Situation is worsening day by day. Many people are loosing livelihood, dear ones . Schools, office are closed due to lockdown, with a severe impact on the Society. Nabadwip and its surroundings are also facing the same problem. To overcome the situation member of NABADWIP HRIDYOTA has decided to distribute food packets to the needy and poor in the community.

May 14, 2021, one of our members was approached by the Block Development Office, Nabadwip Block to support a family in Nabadwip Town. The head of the family Mr. Debidas Sarkar suddenly died due to covid and he was the only earning member of the family as his son lost his job during lock down which was announced by Government of India in 2020. Our members immediately rushed to his house with food and vegetable packets. We assured them that we would continue to support them in future. They were happy and we were satisfied.

NABADWIP HRIDYOTA members were asked to carry out a survey at their residing places to find out people who are in need of food. After the completion of survey, from MAY 17 to May 31 2021, Four hundred (400) families were provided cooked food packets which was delivered at their door steps in and around Nabadwip. We would continue this programme till June 15, 2021.We also provided 40 packets containing amul milk powder, biscuits and chocolates to the forty students of our non formal school during this pandemic situation. we would distribute more packets to other needy school children during this period.

West Bengal is also severely affected with other states of India for the one month lockdown period ,where local trains are not not running and buses are off the road. This has created a huge  negative impact in the livelihood of the staffs and their families who daily run the buses on the roads. on June 13, 2021, NABADWIP HRIDYOTA distributed food packets to 90(Ninety) such families at Nabadwip Bus stand to bring a big smile on their faces. Each packet consisted of Rice, Sabji, fish, chicken curry and one ripe mango. We need your blessings and well-wishes to carry on this social work during this covid-19 pandemic.

Our sincere thanks and gratitude to all the donors as mentioned below who supported us in making this programme a grand success in providing food packets for more than Six hundred (600) families at their doorsteps, which is still continuing.

Donors who have contributed for Covid-19 pandemic : Mr.Atunu Basak, Mr.Sayak Sarma, Mr.Sayantan Singha Roy, Mrs.Chandryee Roy, Mr.Sandipan Sikdar, Mrs.Priya Kundu, Mrs. Aditi Nanda, Mrs. Sujata Dutta, Mrs. Sharmistha Halder, Mrs. Neha Roy, Mr.Joyendra nath Sen, Mr. Subhasis Debnath, Mrs.Chandrima Paul, Mr.Rohan Das, Mr.Vashkar Ghosh, , Mr. Pranab Ghosh, Mrs. Sanchari Sen, Mrs.Rita Chakraborty, Mr.Dulal Chandra Das Adhikary, Mrs.Rejina Khatun, Mr.Chiranjit Sarkar, Mrs.Sumpi Roy, Mr.Tanmoy Saha, Nabadwip Covid Fund, Mr.Somesh Halder, Mr. Soumajit Ganguly, Mr.Somendra Kumar Dawn, Mrs.Arpita Basak, Mr.Pradipta Saha, Mr.Anupama Arun Seth, Mr.Suman Saha, Mr.Tapas Sarkar, Mr.Pankaj Kumar Bose, Mrs.Kuntala Bhattacharjee, MrsShyamali Lahiri Mukhoty, Mr.Ranaraj & Mrs.Ankita Saha, Mr.Sankar Narayan Saha, Mrs.Snigdha Sen, Mrs.Rasmita Saha.

We need to work a lot to overcome this situation and we hereby humbly urge to the kind hearted people to donate us in order to continue our Social Work to fulfill the need of the distressed people  iin the community. Donation can be made through Bank or Googly Pay:

Google pay - +91 73 844 73240 (Amitava Chakravarty), Bank - Nabadwip Hridyota, State Bank of India , Nabadwip Town Branch, Current A/c No - 39830436545, IFSC - SBIN0016646

A monk (Sadhu) is residing upon a tree making a room with leaves at Nabadwip Ranirchara BiswaKalyan Gangesh ghat for the past ten years. He is also known as " Machan Baba " of Nabadwip. He was living isolated a perfect example of self-isolation during this Covid-19 pandemic. But due to severe rains the surrounding areas were flooded and the sadhu could not come down from the tree and fasting for days without food. As one of NABADWIP HRIDYAOTA member gave us this news, we immediately decided to give him some aid. on July 1, 2021 , NABADWIP HRIDYOTA team approached him with dry food, fruits, stationary items along with a dhoti and gamcha. He was very happy receive the aid which would take care of him for at least three months. We assured him to provide necessary aid for the future

A Health Camp was organized by a Facebook group named " Covid Mukta Hok Nabadwip" on July 3, 2021.Three Registered NGOs from Nabadwip, " AGAMI" " PRITHIBI FOUNDATION" and " NABADWIP HRIDYOTA"  were given the responsibility to run the camp. Eminent Doctors from Nabadwip and Krishnanagar treated 420 needy persons at free of cost. The people both men and women were tested for pressure, blood sugar, oxygen level, etc,  through medical devices and provided with free medicine, snacks and lunch. The duration of time was 11am to 5pm and it was the first health camp of this type organized at Nabadwip. It was a proud moment for NABADWIP HRIDYOTA to be a part of this noble work and are determined to hold such camps in future.

Sujan Debnath and Parna Debnath a couple were detected Covid positive. As Parna is pregnant became isolated from husband staying at her mother's home at Pratapnagar, Nabadwip, Nadia and Sujan at Dolgovindapur, Purba Bardhaman. As both of them have no such income approached NABADWIP HRIDYOTA, for some support. On July 19, 2021, NABADWIP HRIDYOTA team visited their houses at two places and provided monthly ration ( Rice, Wheat, Mustard oil, Salt, Puffed rice, Suji, Biscuit, Chanchur, Biscuit, Nutrila and cooking spices). They were happy and we were pleased.

Gauranga Roy aged 80 years a resident of Nabadwip earns his livelihood by selling papads at Nabadwip Dham Railway station  since 2016. But due to lockdown there is practically no earning to him for the past one year to run his family. As NABADWIP HRIDYOTA members heard the news immediately decided to provide him monthly ration. on July 25, 2021 some team members went to his house and handed over monthly ration for Gauranga Roy and his family. He was so pleased that he could not hold his tears which was a gift for NABADWIP HRIDYOTA activity.

August 15, 2021, Independence Day of India was celebrated in a different way by NABADWIP HRIDYOTA. A function was organised by NABADWIP HRIDYOTA members by the students of our Non formal school "SAHAJPATH". Programme started with flag hoisting by Secretary of NABADWIP HRIDYOTA followed by recitation, song and dance by the students. The programme ended with distribution of food packets to the students , who are the future of our country.

9th October, 2021 prior to Bengali's greatest festival Durga Puja was celebrated in a different way named "AGOMANI PROGRAMME" by NABADWIP HRIDYOTA. Distribution of dry food, garments, sweets to poor and distressed people were arranged at Charichara Bazar premises in Nabawip. 100 people and childrenwere provided goods maintaing Covid-19 protocol. Each one was provided with Mask, Sanitizer, Potato, Dal, Salt, Refine oil, Cooking masala, Soap and sweet packets. In addition to this men, women and children were given Dhoti, Saree, Pant-shirt and Frock respectively.  Each were provided a printed bag in the name of the NGO for carrying the goods home. Local MLA, Doctors, Scientist, other NGO members of Nabadwip were present at the function. Our sincere thanks and gratitude to all the Donors and well wishers for their kind support and advice. At the end of the day the smiling faces of the beneficiaries became our inspiration for next programme.

December 20, 2021, NABADWIP HRIDYOTA members arrived at Purulia, West Bengal to distribute winter garments and provide free lunch to the needy and poor people of the tribal community. SHYAM STEEL TMT REBAR were the main sponsors for this programme. This was an initiative of their Happiness Drive members. Our sincere thanks and gratitude to Shyam Steel for supporting these people joining hands with NABADWIP HRIDYOTA. We also thank other donors for their kind support in fulfilling this programme a grand success. The support of Adra Helping Hand and Netaji Athletics club members was very valuable. 300 family members  were given winter garments and 500 people were provided with free food. The programme became more colourful by the performance of tribal dance. NABADWIP HRIDYOTA members were pleased  to do this programme at the end of YEAR 2021. Hoping for more social activities for the coming YEAR 2022.

January 23, 2022, on occasion of 125th birthday of Netaji Subash Chandra Bose , NABADWIP HRIDYOTA celebrated the day by distributing of aid to needy and poor families at Srirampur village, Purba Bardhaman District. These people came here to attend an agriculture fair which was supposed to be commenced for January 123, 2022, but due to sudden rise Covid epidemic the fair was cancelled and postponed to February 12, 2022 . These poor people who came all the way for Murshidabad District , 200kms for here did not go back,. They made a temporary construction for their living and sold their manufactured products in the surrounding villages. These income less people spent a miserable life with their families. One of our members collected the news for the locality and NABADWIP HRIDYOTA decided to support these poor families. Accordingly Nine families ( 40 men, women and children) were given dry food ( Rice, Dal, Mustard oil, Muri, Wheat, Soabin, Salt, Biscuit and cooking masalas) so that they can cook food for their families till the fair starts. Joy fulfilled our hearts with their happiness.

We saw the photograph of the boy named Brindavan Das Goswami on facebook. After enquiring about him the members of NABADWIP HRIDYOTA found his house at Burokalitala, Malanchapara, Nabadwip, Dist.Nadia . His father Tarapada Das Goswami lost his job on March 2020 since first lockdown declared in India.  He has  two sons and wife in his family. Elder son Bridavan Das Goswami was a student of Saraswata Vidyamandir studying in class VI. But his studies were discontinued due to closer of schools for lockdown and is still closed till date. Younger son is aged seven years.Tarapada is maintaining his family by doing some carpentry work. Some days he is even fails to feed the family as he has no fixed income. Brindavan instead of sitting at home, sells some laminated products of  various Goddessin and around Nabadwip to support their family. Brindavan is also suffering from health  problem but unable to visit doctor for lack of money. Today January 28, 2022. NABADWIP HRIDYOATA members visited their house and was provided with dry food ( Rice, Dal, Mustard oil, Muri, Wheat, Soabin, Salt, Biscuit and cooking masalas) . We also took responsibility to take care of Brindavan;s health by visiting a good doctor and provide free medicine as prescribed by the doctor.

February 12, 2022 "SAHAJ PATH" a Non Formal school run by NABADWIP HRIDYOTA reopened after a long time due to lockdown of schools for Covid epidemic. The smiles on the faces of the students brought joy and happiness to NABADWIP HRIDYOTA members.

March 6, 2022, a Free Eye Camp was held at Milan Tithi, Nandipara, Nabadwip, Nadia organized by NABADWIP HRIDYOTA. 125 poor and needy people took this facility of free eye check up. In addition 25 students from Aravinda Bratachari Sangha also had a free eye check up. These students were provided with educational materials, biscuits and chocolates. Smiles on their faces brought happiness to NABADWIP HRIDYOTA members. Soumalya Bakshi a student who got chance in National Medical College, Kolkata was provided with  medical book for his studies. Pravu Balaram Das and his wife from ISKCON, Dr. Biplab Pal, Dr. Sribas Ghosh, President NABADWIP HRIDYOTA were guests for this programme. A team of five members from Netrojyoti Eye Hospital, Ranaghat, Nadia were responsible to look after the patients. Our sincere thanks and gratitude to all these people for making the programme a grand success. The beneficiaries who attended the camp and was advised to take spectacles and get cataract operated would be taken care by NABADWIP HRIDYOTA.

June 4, 2022 Sixty (60) poor and distressed people were fed in night at NabadwipDham Railway Station campus. The prasadam was  supplied by Malanchapara Lokenth Baba Committee, Nabadwip. We on behalf of NABADWIP HRIDYOTA convey our thanks and gratitude for supporting us in providing dinner to the poor people.

Narayan Ghosh a resident of GangaNagar, Nabadwip resides in a small rented room. He is handicapped as one of his hand dose not move properly and walks slowly limping, for which he is unable to work. His only source of income is his wife who works as a maid from door to door. NABADWIP HRIDYOTA is helping him since 2020 by providing him quarterly ration. June 6, 2022, NABADWIP HRIDYOTA members visited his house and handed over ration to him.

June 19, 2022, NABADWIP HRIDYOTA team reached at Prithibir Arsenigar Pathsala, run by Nabadwip based NGO Prithibi Foundation. Seventy(70) kids and Five(5) teachers were provided with llunch packets consisting of Fried rice, chicken curry and potato chips. We earned their love and beautiful smiles , which was a big return gift for NABADWIP HRIDYOTA members. We appreciate t the noble work of Prithibi Foundation's in organising such a well managed school.  

June June 25, 2022, Computer training for the  kids of the "SAHAJPATH" school run by NABADWIP HRIDYOTA started with Nine(9) students. The centre was inaugurated by local councilor Mr. JhantJhantu Lal Das, Club members of Sakhi Mata. Students, Guardians and NABADWIP HRIDYOTA members were present . 

NABADWIP HRIDYOTA started its Income Generation Programme by supporting the poor and needy people who sell items like Chips, Chanachur, Papad, and other items to earn their livelihoods at NabadwipDham Railway Station. Four (4) such persons were identified by NABADWIP HRIDYOTA members. They are 1. Dipen Debnath 2. Sankar Kundu 3. Gauranga Roy 4. Jiten Roy . June 28, 2022, these people were provided by items which are sold by them. This is one time investment for them, and by selling these items they would set aside the profit amount for their daily household expenses and reinvest the original amount for further purchase of items . This is a cyclic process which would restrict them from buying materials on debt, which they usually do. Each person were provided with a T-Shirt printed the name NABADWIP HRIDYOTA. Our sincere thanks and gratitude to Mr. Soumit Kundu, Mrs. Sayanti Basu, Mr. Dipankar Debnath and Mr. Kaajal Dasgupta for their kind contribution in making this programme a grand success. We are committed to help more such people in future.

July 17, 2022 , in second phase of Income Generation Programme NABADWIP HRIDYOTA helped eight(8) persons at Nabadwip Railway Station who are earning by selling products in local trains. They are 1. Nikhil Kar, 2. Tarun Debnath 3. Jyotsna Mukherjee 4. Nimai Das 5. Ranjit Mondal 6. Dali Sarkar 7. Sajal Debnath 8. Chandi Sil. In addition to this we provided T-shirts to each of them which was donated Sri. Debashis Dutta of Magik Lighting. We also thank other Donors who supported us in fulfilling our objectives. This is a sustainable project as money earned from sold products can be reused keeping aside the profit amount for their daily need.

Bimal Debnath a resident of Nimtala, Samudragarh, Bardhaman, West Bengal aged 44 years is a hawker. He is the only earning member of his family. His mother, wife and only son is dependent on him. He sells products in suburban local trains in Katwa bandel route, West Bengal. As per daily routine he was returning home by bicycle at night last week, when a motor bike crashed on him on the road for rough driving. Bimal Debnath was severely injured and he is bedridden as his waist got fractured. Doctor advised him for three months bed rest. His family is in deep trouble now, as source of income is nil. NABADWIP HRIDYOTA was approached by other hawkers, if we could help them out from the miserable situation their family is facing. July 20, 2022 we the members of NABADWIP HRIDYOTA visited his house and gave them grocery items ( Dal, sugar, mustard oil, sowabin, chire, wheat, salt, cooking spices, turmeric powder, tea, amulspray, biscuits, chanachur) and some fruits. These would take care of their family for at least one month. NABADWIP HRIDYOTA also promised them to stand beside him by providing materials which he sells at free of cost, when he becomes fit and starts selling. We wish his speedy recovery and our Best Wishes to his family.

July 31, 2022, Lions Club of Nabadwip arranged lunch for the students of " SAHAJPATH"  a non formal school run by NABADWIP HRIDYOTA. The students were very happy and our sincere thanks and gratitude to Lions Club of Nabadwip for their king gesture. We are hoping for their advice and kind support in future.

"SAHAJPATH"  A Non formal school run by NABADWIP HRIDYOTA is running in full swing. The enthusiasm of the students is a success for us. May 1, 2022 classes started for Drawing and Dance. June 25, 2022 Computer classes started. Initially student strength was 25 and now it is 56. May this school flourish more day by day with your well wishes and kind support.

September 29, 2022 on the auspicious day of Durga Chaturthi NABADWIP HRIDYOTA celebrated "AGOMANI" Programme for second consecutive year. Respected Bhadra Ma of Saradeswari Ashram inaugurated the programme by lighting the pradeep along with Sri. Pundarikaksha Saha ,MLA . Other guest present were Local councilor Smt. Mita Roy, Balaram Das Prabhu , Subhdra Dasi Mataji from ISKCON and various Charitable organizations. 130 ( Men- 2, Women - 118, Children - 10) were provided with grocery items ( Mustard oil, Dal, salt, turmeric powder, jira, sugar, sowabin, biscuit) potato, soap sweets and NABADWIP HRIDYOTA printed bags. We were very much satisfied finding happiness in the feeling of these beneficiaries. May Ma Durga bless them all.

October 23, 2022, NABADWIP HRIDYOTA team headed by Mr. Prabir Kumar Roy, Secretary, visited Birnagar, a small village situated in Nadia District, West Bengal. Sixteen (16) kids were provided winter garments in that village. They were also given snacks packets ( Leys chips, kurkuri, Chocolates, bread , fruit juice and biscuits) Four resident  from the local community invited NABADWIP HRIDYOTA to do the programme for the benefit of the children in that area. They were so pleased to see our team and activities, requested us to enroll them as NABADWIP HRIDYOTA members. They were included in our team and NABADWIP HRIDYOTA would be engaged in more activities in those areas for the poor and distressed.

NABADWIP HRIDYOTA members got the news of Mr. Jagannath Ghosh , a cancer patient residing at Nabadwip, Nadia in miserable condition. Our members immediately rushed to his house and gathered information. He is being treated in Pondichury, Tamilnadu for his illness at free of cost. But the family need financial support for traveling to and fro , boarding and lodging and they urged us to help them. They have also other NGOs for their financial support. We immediately issued a cheque for Rs.5000/- (Rupees Five Thousand only) in favour of Jagannath Ghosh and our prayers to the Almighty for his quick recovery.

Nabadwip is famous for Ras festival which is held every year on Gurunanak's birthday. Many local clubs follow the rituals by performing puja and social activities. Sri Sri Ganesh Jananai Mata Club is such a club. As per their request NABADWIP HRIDYOTA distributed winter garments ( Blankets, sweaters and Jackets) to Thirty five (35) poor and distressed men, women and children on November 6, 2022. Our sincere thanks to the club committee for giving us the opportunity to serve the poor and needy people. 

November 13, 2022 in third phase of Income Generation Programme NABADWIP HRIDYOTA helped Six(6) persons at Nabadwip Railway Station who are earning by selling products in local trains. They are 1.Suman Dutta 2. Pran Krishna saha 3. Jayanta Dey 4. Shakti Dutta 5. Gopal Saha 6. Ajoy Dey. They were provided with Papad, Popcorn, Chanachur, Badam, Chire Bhaja, Bhujia, Nimki and lozenge which they sell in local trains to earn their daily bread. They were also given T-Shirts with NABADWIP HRIDYOTA logo on it. Our target is to help more and more such beneficiaries in future.

Sunil Debnath residing at Nabadwip is an aged person earns for his family roaming in streets and door to door. But nowadays he is unable to do so for his ill health and age. on November 28, 2022 NABADWIP HRIDYOTA members visited to his house and provided monthly ration  (Dal, sugar, mustard oil, sowabin, chire, wheat, salt, cooking spices, turmeric powder, tea, amulspray, biscuits, chanachur). NABADWIP HRIDYOTA also promised him to help him as and when required. He was very happy to receive monthly ration.

Bipul Biswas age -32, a resident of Mukundupur ,Nadia requires kidney transplantation for which he has been admitted at SSKM Hospital, Kolkata. The total cost for his treatment is Five lakhs. He is married having a five years old daughter. His parents also stay with him. He has mortgaged his house for the purpose of treatment. As they are facing severe financial problem a request was placed to us by their family for their support. NABADWIP HRIDYOTA has decided to provide him Monthly Ration till he recovers. Accordingly on December 1, 2022 NABADWIP HRIDYOTA members visited his house  and handed over Monthly Ration (Dal, sugar, mustard oil, sowabin, muri, wheat, salt, cooking spices, turmeric powder, potato, biscuits) to his family. It is our earnest request to all well wishers to donate so that we can continue his Monthly Ration.

December 17, 2022, One hundred one (101) poor and needy students of the following schools were given examination fees for their Madyammik and Higher Secondary Exams which will be held on February 2023. 1. Jahannagar High school 2. Srirampur Bhavatarini Girl's High School 3. Bhagirathi Vidyapith 4.Bamanpukur High School 5. Thakur Bhakti Vinod High school  The programme was inaugurated by opening speech by Dr. Sribas Ghosh, President NABADWIP HRIDYOTA .The Secretary of Branali Sangha Club presence made the programme more successful. The success of the programme was reflected by the ending speech of two beneficiary students. Our thanks and gratitude to Chandrama Overseas Marbles for their valuable support in making this programme a grand success.

Anila Bairagya a widow residing at Nabadwip, Nadia, West Bengal is suffering from knee problem for a long time. Her knee cup was displaced and was set by doctor but as she is aged she is experiencing pain and unable to walk properly and bend her legs. Doctors advised her to take medicines on regular basis to recover from the illness. But as she is very poor and alone ,she is not in a position to buy medicines prescribed by Doctors. One of NABABADWIP HRIDYOTA Member was approached by the widow for supporting her. Immediately NABADWIP HRIDYOTA members collected the prescription and  gave her medicines visiting her house on December 20, 2022 , NABADWIP HRIDYOTA promised to support her in future for any other need. We pray for her speedy recovery.

December 24, 2022 Eighty(80) distressed and homeless people were provided with Puja prasadam ( Puja performed at Sourav Pal's residence) during night near NabadwipDham Railway Station area. This surprise food was a dream for them which was reflected through their smiling faces. Let them be happy  and NABADWIP HRIDYOTA is committed to do such activity future. Our sincere thanks to Mr. Sourav Pal in supporting us to feed the poor.

January 8, 2023 , NABADWIP HRIDYOTA  members were present at Radha Brick Field, Bablari, Nabadwip, Nadia . One Hundred Fifty (150) labours and their families ( 100 Adults and 50 kids) were given old used clothes and winter garments. They were also provided lunch. All members of NABADWIP HRIDYOTA also joined them for the lunch. 50 kids were greeted for the New Year by providing Tiffin cake by  Donor Mr.Bapi Das & Mrs. Pinki Sur. The smiles in the faces of all the people was a boost up for all the members of NABADWIP HRIDYOTA beginning of New Year 2023. Our sincere thanks to all Donors and members of NABADWIP HRIDYOTA who have donated old and new clothes for the beneficiaries.

February 4, 2023 Bipul Biswas was provided with monthly ration for the third consecutive month. Sankar Das a resdent of Nabadwip, Nadia own a tea stall at Nabadwip Ganga Ghat but due to financial problem he was unable to buy goods to run the stall. As a part of Income generation programme of NABADWIP HRIDYOTA, we supported him with Tea leaves, Amulspray, Cake, Biscuits and paper cups on February 4, 2023. This is one time support which would be his capital money to grow his business satisfactorily.

February 6, 2023 Suman Saha a teacher of Bamanpukur High school, Nadia celebrated his birthday in a different style. Seventy five (75) poor and homeless people  were provided with free food (Rice, Sabji, Chikne curry,chatni and sweet) at Nabadwip Railway Station area. NABADWIP HRIDYOTA were given the responsibility to arrange for the programme. We on behalf of NABADWIP HRIDYOTA thank Mr. Saha for giving us the responsibility and his kind gesture for the Society. Birthday cake was arranged by NABADWIP HRIDYOTA and the celebration of birthday ceremony took place at the same place.

February 12, 2023 Sourav Debnath celebrated his birthday by giving educational aids ( Drawing book, pensile, eraser, sharpener, Notebook, pen)  along with Tiffin ( Cake, Biscuit, lozenge) for the students of Non formal school "SAHAJPATH" run by NABADWIP HRIDYOTA. The students were surprised by the sudden gift and were very happy. Our sincere thanks to Sourav Debnath for his kind gesture. NABADWIP HRIDYOTA members wishes him a Very Happy Birthday.

March 5, 2023 members of NABADWIP HRIDYOTA were pesent at Prince Brickfield, Belehat, East Bardhaman 20 kms away from Nabadwip. One hundred seventy five (175) labours and their families were provided with lunch. Menu was rice, dal, sabji, chicken, chatni and sweet. The kids were provided with cake, biscuits and lozenge. In addition to this they were given used saree for women and dhoti for men. Thanks to all the Donors and well-wishers who have supported NABADWIP HRIDYOTA with old clothes.

Champa Adhikary a resident of Nabadwip, Nadia, West Bengal is leading a miserable life after sudden demise of his husband. She is responsible to look after herself and only son. Her son is also having problem in legs for which needs treatment. As her source of income is too low, she approached NABADWIP HRIDYOTA if we could help out her by any means. March 13, 2023 NABADWIP HRIDYOTA members visited her house and provided monthly ration. We also promised to support her in future as and when required. May she live happily with her only son.

Soumit Kundu a resident of Kolkata, West Bengal is at present in Japan on work purpose. March 27, 2023 is the birthday of his life partner Sayanati Basu. Soumit decided to give a surprise gift for his wife by feeding poor and distressed people along with offering  cake lozenge, biscuits for the kids. So they approached NABADWIP HRIDYOTA to conduct the programme on behalf of him  We the members of NABADWIP HRIDYOTA arranged the programme on March 27, 2023 at Birnagar Palitpara, Nadia. One hundred (100) people including 50 kids were provided with lunch  and cake, biscuit and lozenge for the kids. We wish Sayanti Basu a very Happy Birthday and sincere thanks to Soumit Kundu on keeping faith upon us in organizing the programme.

Mr. Saikat Das residing in Canada approached NABADWIP HRIDYOTA to make arrangements of her daughter Shreenandita's birthday celebration among the poor the distressed people. April 2, 2023 NABADWIP HRIDYOTA team were present at Porama Brickfield, Mahisura, Nabadwip. One hundred twenty (120) labours including their kids were provided free lunch. Thirty five (35) kids were given cake and lozenge by Suman Saha, teacher from Bamanpukur High School. NABADWIP HRIDYOTA wishes Shreenandita a very Happy Birthday and thanks to Saikat das and Suman Saha.

NABADWIP HRIDYOTA observed its completion of FOUR YEARS through free Medical Camp and Cultural Programme. May 28, 2023 Sunday, Medical Camp was inaugurated by lightning of pradip at the Hindu School auditorium, Nabadwip, Nadia by the MLA of the constituency. Other dignitaries present were IC of Nabadwip Police Station, Dr. Sreebas Ghosh (General Physician) Dr. Satyam Ghosh (General Physician), Sr. Subrata Kumar Tribedi (Dentist), Dr. Gautam Mondal (Child) and Balaram Prabhu from ISKCON, Mayapur. In addition Dr Joydip Das and Dr. Moloy Das (Eye) were present from Marwari Relief Society, Kolkata.  Free Medical Camp started at 10.30AM where patients were observed with various specialist Doctors. Free medicine and spectacles were provided to the beneficiaries .In the evening a cultural programme was held where members of NABADWIP HRIDYOTA performed dances, recitation, and other activities. Outsiders also performed in the programme, such as song by Suman Pathak, Dotara instrument playing by Subhra Chakraborty, Band by Palolik. NABADWIP HRIDYOTA also facilitated members of other NGOs who are working for the benefit of the Society. Our sincere thanks and gratitude to the Management of Hindu School, Donors and Well Wishers.

4th June, 2023, Sunday evening NABADWIP HRIDYOTA members were present at the Nabadwip Dham Railway Station campus to serve Lokenath Baba puja prasadam among the poor and distressed people. One hundred (100) such people were fed with Kichuri, sabji, Puspanna, Pototo curry and Payesam. Our sincere thanks to Malancharapara Acarya para lane Lokenth Puja committee for arrangement of the free prasadam and Members of Prithibi Foundation helping us to make this programme a grand success.

31st July, 2023 Ms.Ayisaraya Ghosh a resident of Nabadwip, Nadia celebrated her birthday with the students of "SAHAJPATH" a Non Formal school run by NABADWIP HRIDYOTA. The students were eager for this moment and they enjoyed cake cutting ceremony of the Birthday Girl. The students performed a small programme for her such as Recitation, Dance which they were taught at the school. They were offered lunch by birthday girl. All were very happy and we all members of NABADWIP HRIDYOAT wish Ayisarya Ghosh a Very HAPPY Birthday. We also appreciate her feelings for the Society in celebrating her birthday in such a noble way.

Bengali's greatest festival Durga Puja is at doorsteps and every children expects for new dress to wear and enjoy. To celebrate this occasion on October 15, 2023 Mr. Gourab Nandi with his Team Qdigita distibuted new dress to 25 students of " SAHAJPATH" non formal school run by NABADWIP HRIDYOTA and 17 kids of Gumti, Byadrapara, Nabadwip.Total 42 kids were given new dress at Sri Sri Ganga mata club premises, (where we run our school) GangaNagar, Nabadwip, Nadia. The happiness and smiles on the faces of the children was an achievement to our programme. Thanks to our Donor Qdigita Team for their kind support.

October `18, 2023 NABADWIP HRIDYOTA celebrated "AGAMONI" programme at Ganga mata Club, Durga Puja pandel , Prangopla Nagar, Nabadwip, Nadia. The programme was inaugurated through lightning of lamp by MLA, Nabadwip constituency .Mr. Sanjay Kumar das, DIG, BSF was the chief guest along with other dignitaries as Ganaga mata club secretary, Balaram Das Prabhu from ISKCON and Panchayat Pradhan of Babalari Panchayat  were present. The guests were invited by the children of  Non formal school "SAHAJPATH" by recitation and dance. Total Ninety (90) ( 82 women, 2 men and 6 children) were provided with new saree, dhoti, pant, shirt and frock respectively. They were also given free raton ( Dal, Salt, Haldi, Jira, Sowabin, Suji, Masterd oil, Sugar, Potato, Wheat, Biscuit, Soap and sweets) . Smiles on the faces of the beneficiaries made us all very happy. At the end of the programme Ayesha celebrated her birthday with the kids if the school by providing them Notebook, Pen, Cake and cooked chowmin packet. Our sincere thanks and gratitude to all the Donors and well-wishers for making this programme a grand success.  

November 24, 2023 on the inauguration of Ras Purnima festival by Sri Sri Baba Taraknath Puja Committee NABADWIP HRIDYOTA distributed mosquito nets for the Seventy five only (75) needy people in the area. Smiles on the faces of beneficiaries is our achievement. Our sincere thanks to Baba Taraknath Puja Committee  for keeping faith on us and allowing us to do this work.

November 25, 2023 at the inauguration ceremony of Ras Purnima  by Ganga Mata Club, Prangopal Nagar, Nabadwip, students of "SAHAJPATH" a non formal school run by NABADWIP HRIDYOTA performed a beautiful programme. The recitation and dance of the students  was highly appreciated by the public. This was a great achievement on the part of the participating students and and NABADWIP HRIDYOTA members who are running the school.  Heartfelt thanks to the Puja Committee who facilitated  NABADWIP HRIDYOTA members in the function. 

December 17, 2023 Samadrita Debnath celebrated her birthday with the students of "SAHAJPATH" a non formal school run by NABADWIP HRIDYOTA. The students were anxiously from morning for the programme to be held. Samadrita came with her parents at 10.30am .She distributed educational aid ( note book, pen, pencil eraser, pencil box) along with dry food packet. The students were thrilled and performed dance and recitation to please Samadrita. Our hearties greetings to Samadrita on her Birthday. 

Mr. Debashis Sanyal approached NABADWIP HRIDYOTA requesting us to provide Rags (Kambal) to the poor and distresses people in memory of his late parents. Accordingly on December 27, 2023, One hundred ten (110) men and women were given Kambal at Banali Sangha Club Premises, Nandi para Road, Nabadwip. Mr. Sukhen Barman. Asst. Labour Commissioner, Nadia District was present as Chief Guest.  Mr. Barman and Dr. S.Ghosh, President, NABADWIP HRIDYOTA handed over the kambal to the beneficiaries. We are happy to fulfill the wishes of Mr. Sanyal and see the smiles on the faces of the beneficiary. Our sincere gratitude to Mr, Sanyal for his noble thought.

December 30, 2023, Saturday, a Programme named " Happiness Drive" was organised by NABADWIP HRIDYOTA sponsored by SHYAM STEEL at Sporting Club Ground, Bandh Raod, Nabadwip, Nadia. One Hundred fifty (150) kids of poor family residing at Chandra colony and Daspara of Malanchapara, Nabvadwip were given Gift bags and Lunch packets. The Gift bags contained Rag, Hand gloves, Socks, woolen cap, Drwaing norte book, Drawing materials and lozenge packets.  An instant Drawing competition was held for the kids and kids securing first to fifth were  presented with prize. These boosted the energy of the kids. Mr. Saumitra Biswas, Shyam Steel Zonal Head, Nadia District with his Team and Balaram prabhu from ISKCON were present at the Programme. Our sincere thanks and gratitude to Shyam Steel for holding such a nice programme jointly with NABADWIP HRIDYOTA. The Programme place was filled with cheers of joy by the kids and their guardians.

Laxmi Singh came to Nabadwip, Nadia after getting married at the age of 12 with her husband. Now she is 85. Distressed and poor residing in a small cottage at Pakatol, Nabadwip, Nadia. This cottage is only her asset as she lost her husband, two daughters and a son. Her grandchild resides in Nabadwip but never looks after her. She begs for her food from door to door as she is not able to do any work now. When we went to her house on December 27, 2023 to provide free rug (Kambal) , we saw her situation and all members of NABADWIP HRIDYOTA decided to provide her quarterly Ration. Accordingly on January 9, 2024 we provided her Ration ( Rice, Dal, Potato, Muri, Mustard oil, Haldi, Salt, Jira, Sowabin and Biscuit) which would take care of her food for at least three months. In addition to this we gave her a shal and saree for which she was very happy. NABADWIP HRIDYOTA promised her to provide Ration after three months and take care of her needs in future. We are so happy to start the NEW YEAR with a noble work.

January 26, 2024, Friday, on the eve of Republic Day Mr. Saikat Das residing in Canada celebrated the day by providing Winter rag and fruits for the poor and distressed people trough NABADWIP HRIDYOTA on the demise date of his late father Sachin Das. Residing in Canada and thinking of these people and doing something for them is indeed praiseworthy. The programme was held near Mahesganj Hospital, Halderpara, Nabdawip Block, Nadia at Udyan Youth Society. Mrs. Sumitra Das mother of Saikat Das and other family members were present and distributed to Thirty(30) needy people winter rag and fruits. On the same day at the same place Twenty(20) needy students were provided with Pen, Geometry Box, Notebook and fruits to encourage them for their studies. Our sincere thanks to the Donor for his noble thinking.

February 4, 2024, Sunday NABADWIP HRIDYOTA Team were present at TPB Brickfield, Manipur Ghat Road, Nabadwip,Nadia to distribute old clothes and provide lunch for the labours and their families working at the brickfield. One hundred eighty (180) people took benefit of the programme. NABADWIP HRIDYOTA member Mr. Suman Saha's birthday was also celebrated at the site with the kids. He provided cake and lozenge for fifty(50) kids. Mr. Bapi das ,another member of NABADWIP HRIDYOTA provided biscuit, cake and lozenge for the kids. The beneficiaries were very happy to get clothes & Lunch and kids were enjoying their time throughout the programme. Thanks and graditude on behalf of NABADWIP HRIDYOTA to Donor Mr. Debashis Sanyal for the sponsoring the programme and to all wellwishers for providing free clothes .

February 11, Sunday Mr. Sourav Debnath celebrated his birthday with the students of "SAHAJPATH' a non formal school run by NABADWIP HRIDYOTA. Mr. Sourav celebrated his birthday with the students by cutting cake and provided educational materials and dry food packets for all students. NABADWIP HRIDYOTA wishes Mr. Sourav a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY and thanks him for his kind gesture.

Dr. Arup Mishra a renowned Homeopathy doctor from Kalna visits his chamber at nabadwip, Nadia every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. On going through Website of NABADWIP HRIDYOATA he was so pleased by the activities of NABADWIP HRIDYOATA , gave us a proposal to examine patients sent by us at free of cost . This includes his fees and cost of medicines. February 13, 2024 Laxhmi Singh (who was provided free quarterly ration on January 9, 2024) was taken to the Doctor by NABADWIP HRIDYOTA members. She was examined by Dr. Mishra and given necessary medicines. Our sincere thanks and gratitude to Dr. Mishra for his noble work. If anyone wants to avail above facility can get in touch with us at 73844 73240 or 77192 28404.

February 18, 2024, Sunday the birthday of Rashmi Saha was celebrated at the Non formal school, "SAHAJPATH" run by NABADWIP HRIDYOTA though her birthday was on February 12, 2024. Her parents Mr. Sujit Saha and Mrs. Rama Saha were present at the school along with their daughter Rashmi Saha and distributed sweet packets among the students. The students were filled with joy and our heartiest greetings for Rasmi Saha on her birthday. NABADWIP HRIDYOTA conveys sincere thanks to the parents of Rashmita Saha and wishes her a very bright future.

A news came to NABADWIP HRIDYOTA on Febryary 27, 2024, that a lady residing at Nabadwip Boral Ghat is very poor and spending her days without food. The moment we got the news Mr. Prabir Kumar Roy, Secretary, NABADWIP HRIDYOTA rushed to her house and informed us that the name of the lady is Shila Saha, age 76, is residing at Boralghat, Nabadwip, under a tin shed. She is unable to walk ,moves here and there with the support of her hands. With wasting any time on February 28, 2024 Mr. Roy visited her house and provided free ration. The smiles on her face gave us inspiration and satisfaction. We pray to God for her well being. Our sincere thanks to Youth of Bengal who had gave us this ration to us for the the poor and distressed. 

Gold Craft Limited, an organisation in Mumbai after viewing the website of NABADWIP HRIDYOTA gave a proposal to us for providing free lunch the the labours of any brickfield at nabadwip for which they would bear the cost. On March 3, 2024, Sunday, NABADWIP HRIDYOTA Team reached at Bhumi Brickfield, Idrakpur, Nabadwip. 160 persons (Men, Women, Children) were provided with free lunch. Menu was Rice, Dal, Sabji, Chicken, Chatni and Sweets. Their happiness is our success of the Programme. Our Sincere thanks and gratitude to Gold Craft for choosing us in performing this social activity.In addition to this 30 kids were given cake, bhujia and lozenge by Pratyusa Roy, a member of NABADWIP HRIDYOTA to celebrate the birthday of his father Prabir Kumar Roy. NABADWIP HRIDYOTA wishes a very Happy Birthday to Prabir Kumar Roy, Secretary, NABADWIP HRIDYOTA.

Gautam Kundu a sweet shop owner, shop situated at Buroshibtala Road, Nabadwip, Nadia aged 48 years was suddenly detected with heart problem. On detection it was found that three valves of heart is blocked and needs immediate operation. He underwent an open heart surgery in January 2024. Though operation was performed at free of cost at Sri Satya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Science, Bangalore yet expenses for three months accommodation cost at Bangalore and medicine cost had to be borne by him. Among the medicines on medicine is for life long and one medicine is for one year. After approaching Gautam by NABADWIP HRIDYOATA members ,it would be a great help for him if we could arrange the above medicines for him. On March 12, 2024, NABADWIP HRIDYOTA provided him free medicines for two months. We made a commitment to  him that we would continue to provide medicines in future. We wish his speedy recovery.

As per last wish of Late Joendra Nath Sen, a resident of Kolkata her wife Mrs. Dipti Sen organised a programme through NABADWIP HRIDYOTA by feeding One hundred forty (!40) children of Sankar Mission, Krishnanagar, Nadia. The programme was held on April 20, 2024, Saturday. Menu was Rice, Dal, Chips, Panir curry, Chicken curry, Sweet and icecream. The presence of Mrs. Dipti Sen along with her daughters, son- in-law and the smiles on the faces of the children made the programme a grand success. Our sincere thanks to Mrs.Dipti Sen for kind gesture and may the departed soul of Late Joyendra Nath Sen rest in peace



NABADWIP HRIDYOTA is registered under West Bengal Societies Registration Act XXVI of 1961, Nadia, West Bengal as a Non-Governmental Organization bearing Registration No – S0014128 of 2020-21 dated 14.10.2020. Now it is the time NABADWIP- HRIDYOTA has to work tireless for the benefit of the needy and distressed people, which is never possible without your kind support.

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